Calaveras County Regional Bicycle, Pedestrian and Safe Routes to School Plan

The Calaveras Council of Governments (CCOG), which serves as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for the County of Calaveras and the City of AngelsCamp, has developed the Calaveras Council of Governments Regional Bicycle, Pedestrian and Safe Routes to School Plan. The Plan will serve as the guide to planning active transportation investments in Calaveras County involving federal, state and local funding. The development of the Plan has been a cooperative effort between the CCOG, Calaveras County, City of Angels Camp, Caltrans, and the residents of Calaveras County. The CCOG, in coordination with member agencies and through public outreach, developed this plan to identify bikeways and pedestrian projects in order to improve connectivity, provide access, prioritize funding, and facilitate implementation.

The purpose of the Plan is to provide a vision for the walking and bicycling environment in Calaveras County and identify specific recommendations, strategies and actions to achieve that vision. The Plan will guide the development and implementation of the county’s bicycle and pedestrian network and programming for years to come. Project goals include:

Goal 1: Provide an efficient network of bikeways and pedestrian facilities throughout Calaveras County.

Goal 2: Improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety.

Goal 3: Ensure the timely funding and construction of the bicycle and pedestrian improvements described in this plan.

Goal 4: Increase the number of commute, recreation, and utilitarian bicycle and walking trips.

Goal 5: Increase the awareness of bicycling and pedestrian travel through encouragement, education, enforcement and evaluation programs.

The recommended improvements would provide connections to major destinations within Calaveras County and alternatives that accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists of all ability levels. The Plan also prepares Calaveras County and the City of Angels for a variety of funding sources that require active transportation plans or safe routes to school plans as part of their requirements.

Community workshops were held on May 26th and 27th in Angels Camp and San Andreas to review the Public Draft and provide feedback. Additional public comments were received by June 5th and incorporated into the Final Draft Plan.

Full Plan components can be downloaded below, including the body of the Plan, Appendices, and a Safe Routes to School Toolkit:

Final Draft Calaveras County Regional Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Safe Routes to School Plan

Final Draft BPSRTS Plan Appendices

Calaveras SRTS Toolkit

Environmental Documentation

CCOG has prepared an Initial Study to determine whether the Regional Bicycle, Pedestrian and Safe Routes to School Plan may have a significant adverse effect on the environment and has determined that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment. The basis and reasons for this determination are contained within the Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration.

A standard 30 day public review period for the Mitigated Negative Declaration/ Initial Study will commence on July 3, 2015 and will end on August 2, 2015 for interested individuals and public agencies to submit written comments on the environmental document. Any written comments on the Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration should be sent to the attention of Melissa Eads, Executive Director and must be submitted to 444 E. Saint Charles Street/Highway 49, Suite A, PO Box 280, San Andreas, CA 95249 by 5:00 PM on August 2, 2015.

Copies of the Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study and full Plan are available for review at the CCOG office located at 444 E. Saint Charles Street/Highway 49, San Andreas, CA 95249, or can be downloaded below.

Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for the BPSRTS Plan