Why Bike?

Whether it is for physical fitness, recreation, or commuting, bicycling is fun! The benefits span from personal health to environmental health. A transportation system that is conducive to bicycling can reap many benefits in terms of reduced traffic congestion and improved quality of life. Economic rewards both to the individual and to society are also realized through reduced health care costs and reduced dependency on automobile ownership. Other economic benefits are more difficult to measure such as increased economic vitality of communities.

Bike Routes and Recreational Trails

Calaveras Visitors Bureau
Calaveras County Parks & Recreation Commission
Angels Camp Biking Links
Arnold Rim Trail map
Map My Ride Routes in Angels Camp
AllTrails Red Hills Loop
AllTrails Glory Hole Upper
Friends and Neighbors Magazine: Rides Through Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties
Scout Mountain Bike Trails near Angels Camp
Tuolumne Bikes Rides in Calaveras County

Bike Shops and Other Resources

Mountain Pedaler Bicycles | 352 South Main Street | Angels Camp | (209) 736-0771

National Resources

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
League of American Bicyclists


Bicycling Safety Tips

Wear a Helmet. It’s the law if you are under 18. Helmets should fit snugly, sit level on your head, and always be buckled firmly under your chin.

Ride with Traffic. Ride on the right, in the same direction as traffic. Follow all signs and signals.

Share the Path. Pass pedestrians carefully on paths. Ring your bell or call “on your left” before passing.

Make Eye Contact. Don’t assume that drivers see you, especially when entering or crossing a street. Make eye contact before you cross, even if it is your turn.

Be alert. When biking on the street, watch for opening car doors and cars turning across your path.

Be Visible. Ride where cars can see you. Wear bright clothes, and use lights and reflectors when it is dark outside.

Be Predictable. Ride in a straight line and always signal your moves to others.

Source: National Highway Safety Administration